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Beach Outfits for Men to Rock the Sand and Surf
Beach Outfits for Men to Rock the Sand and Surf

The sun is shining, the waves are gently crashing, and the beach beckons. It's time to step into the perfect beach outfits for men – a combination of comfort and style that keeps you relaxed and makes you look effortlessly cool. Whether you're a laid-back beach enthusiast or someone who values seaside fashion, this guide is your ticket to crafting the ideal beach outfits for men to make you stand out on the shore.

The Essentials: What You Need in Your Beach Bag

Before we dive into the different beach outfits for men, let's talk about the essentials you should pack in your beach bag:

  • Swimwear: A comfortable pair of swim trunks or board shorts is a must. Opt for quick-drying fabrics and vibrant colours or patterns for a fun beach vibe.

  • Sunscreen: Protect your skin from harmful UV rays with a high-SPF sunscreen. Don't forget to reapply throughout the day.

  • Sunglasses: Shield your eyes from the sun's glare with a stylish pair of sunglasses. Look for ones with UV protection.

  • Beach Towel: A large, absorbent beach towel is essential for lounging on the sand.

  • Footwear: Flip-flops or comfortable beach sandals are ideal for sandy and watery terrain.

  • Water Bottle: Stay hydrated with a refillable water bottle.

  • Hat: A wide-brimmed hat or a baseball cap can provide extra shade and style.

  • Beach Bag: A spacious and durable beach bag to carry all your essentials.

beach outfits for men

Now that you've packed the basics let's explore some beach outfits for men that will make you stand out on the shore.

Classic Boardshorts and Tank Top

Outfit: Vibrant board shorts, plain tank top, flip-flops, sunglasses, baseball cap.

This timeless beach look is comfortable and stylish. Opt for board shorts in a bold colour or fun pattern to make a statement. Pair them with a simple, solid-coloured tank top slip-on flip-flops for easy sand-to-sea transitions. Remember your sunglasses and a baseball cap for added sun protection.

Nautical Stripes

Outfit: Navy and white striped swim trunks, white linen shirt, boat shoes, woven straw hat.

Channel the maritime spirit with nautical stripes. Choose swim trunks with classic navy and white stripes for a timeless look. Layer with a lightweight white linen shirt that you can easily unbutton as you soak up the sun. Boat shoes add a touch of sophistication. Complete the outfit with a woven straw hat for that beachy charm.

Beach Bohemian

Outfit: Patterned swim shorts, loose-fitting linen shirt, espadrilles, beaded bracelets, round sunglasses.

Embrace the bohemian beach vibe with patterned swim shorts that have a relaxed fit. Pair them with a loose-fitting linen shirt in a complementary colour. Slip-on espadrilles for a laid-back, beachy feel. Accessorize with beaded bracelets and round sunglasses to complete the boho look.

Surfer Dude

Outfit: Classic boardshorts with surf brand logo, graphic t-shirt, slip-on canvas sneakers, surfboard.

Opt for board shorts from a well-known surf brand with a logo for the ultimate surfer look. Pair them with a graphic t-shirt that reflects your love for the ocean. Slip-on canvas sneakers for comfort and easy movement. And of course, don't forget your surfboard to ride the waves.

beach outfits for men

All-White Elegance

Outfit: White swim trunks, white linen button-down shirt, leather flip-flops, aviator sunglasses.

For a clean and elegant beach look, go all-white. White swim trunks exude a sense of purity and style. Pair them with a crisp white linen button-down shirt. Leather flip-flops add a touch of luxury. Finish the ensemble with classic aviator sunglasses for a hint of sophistication.

Tropical Prints

Outfit: Tropical print swim shorts, solid-coloured t-shirt, slip-on sandals, straw fedora.

Embrace the tropical paradise with swim shorts featuring vibrant palm leaf or floral prints. Keep it balanced with a solid-coloured t-shirt. Slip on comfortable sandals for accessible beach walking. Top it off with a straw fedora for that island-hopper look.

Beach Wedding Attire

Outfit: Light grey linen suit, white dress shirt, brown leather sandals, woven belt, wayfarer sunglasses.

If you're attending a beach wedding, you can still stay stylish while keeping the beachy vibe intact. Opt for a light grey linen suit, which is both comfortable and formal. Pair it with a white dress shirt. Skip the tie and socks and go for brown leather sandals. Accessorize with a woven belt and classic wayfarer sunglasses.

beach outfits for men

Tips for a Stylish Beach Outfits for Men

  • Fabric Matters: Choose lightweight and breathable fabrics like linen and cotton for shirts and shorts to stay cool under the sun.

  • Accessorize Mindfully: A few well-chosen accessories like sunglasses, a hat, or bracelets can elevate your beach outfit.

  • Swimwear Confidence: Confidence is key when it comes to swimwear. Choose a style that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

  • Don't Forget Sun Protection: Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat are essential for sun protection.

  • Stay Hydrated: Don't forget to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, especially in the heat.

  • Beach Bag Organizer: Keep your beach essentials organized in a beach bag with compartments or pockets.

In Conclusion

With these stylish beach outfits for men, you'll be ready to rock the sand and surf with confidence and panache. Whether you prefer a classic board shorts and tank top combo or want to channel a beach bohemian vibe, the key is to choose outfits that reflect your personal style while keeping comfort and functionality in mind. So, grab your beach bag, head to the shore, and enjoy the sun, sea, and style!


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